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We're on your side

We are not a big agency that just does factory work. As a team we only work on one project at a time with maximum effort for delivery, exactly as if your project was ours. This is why we also do joint ventures with our clients.

Effectiveness seekers

We believe in building startups by using Agile methods, and developing the Minimum Viable Product in the shortest time, which can quickly grow and/or adapt.

Market connectedness

Thanks to our experience we are able to help your startup get noticed on the market or find investors. You can use our contacts on your path to success.

Business oriented

We did it ourselves. We know how difficult it can be to find your first customers or to make your startup profitable. And we know the solutions.

Case studies


We helped to build a unique Web & iOS / Android app that empowers users to create amazing multimedia mash-ups with Drag & Drop of any content on the internet.

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posters glogs



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Facy app

Facy was the first augmented reality app on the Appstore that was able to project advanced 3D models directly over the user's face thanks to the latest iPhone X camera.

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1 week

of prototyping

2 months




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Guided video app and platform, that enables you to create and manage videos on a personal to enterprise scale.

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10 000+


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