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Facy was the first app on the Appstore that is able to project advanced 3D models directly on the user's head thanks to the latest iPhone X camera. The main goal was to create fun and fancy 3D models with special masks and effects that user can change in real-time.


To propagate the app we've created simple one page that is representing facy app with same visual identity as used within the app. We were aiming for simple and clean design.

App Website


app mockup

Built on top of latest version of iOS AR Kit and Swift 4. The app design was iterated from different phases to make achieve most easy and unique UI. We have managed to find and create special process for creating 3D models and placing it within the app with our special format that would allow us to reuse effects, animations and settings for each model.

  • app mockup
  • app mockup
  • app mockup
  • app mockup
  • app mockup
  • app mockup

Project stats

1 week


2 months

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